Cyber Risk Assurance 
simplified cyber risk advice and assessment

What we do

  • The Insured

    SMB’s underestimate the consequences of cyber threats due to a lack of understanding. New global regulations are coming into force, and with that SMB’s face heavy fines for non-compliance. The combination of the cost of a cyber breach and heavy fines can cause the ultimate loss of any business.

    Knowledge is the key to improving your cyber defences. We equip SMB’s with the means and tools to increase their cyber risk awareness through cost-effective education and training. In addition, we provide direction to suppliers that can assist with the mitigation of SMB’s cyber risks.

  • The Broker

    Cyber risk is complex, technical and difficult to comprehend. Consequently, cyber insurance adoption is limited, and brokers are missing out on a significant revenue opportunity.

    We take brokers on a journey to both improve their awareness and increase their ability to sell more cyber insurance. This approach prevents brokers running the risk of being disintermediated and losing clients.

    We equip brokers with an easy to understand cyber risk resilience rating platform that educates both the broker and the customer, enabling an informed dialogue.

  • The Insurer

    Cyber risk is complex, technical, and constantly changing. Cyberattacks and breaches are constantly increasing in both number and sophistication.  Warren Buffett says: "I don’t think we or anybody else really knows what they’re doing when writing cyber insurance.”

    Cyber insurance is a critical risk mitigation decision for all businesses. If SMBs are not adequately rated for cyberrisk then that can contribute to the inevitable catastrophe of business failure.

    Data is key and with the use of our Cyber Risk Assurance platform we can provide insurers with highly qualified cyber risk resilience rating that can be used to build a quality, resilient book.

  • The Advertiser

    We connect our SMB customer base to Advertisers on our platform. Advertisers can be cyber security solution providers, professional services firms and cyber insurers. Because our customers are technically qualified leads this significantly reduces the cost of customer acquisition for them.

    Our SMB customers are directed to local suppliers, via their landing pages, which can help SMB’s mitigate their cyber risks.

  • References 

    It was certainly simple enough to work through and the report was very useful. Most of the recommendations I have already considered, but it gave me extra background around those areas of concern. I will be presenting the report to my Board’s Risk Subcommittee”

    Michelle Tonge, CFO, Medical Specialties Pty Ltd

  • “Following your demonstration of Cyber Risk Assurance Groups online questionnaire, we were impressed with the user friendly interface that you have developed. The questions were straight forward and easy to understand. We see this as a useful tool to determining our exposures with relation to Cyber threats.”

    Luke Sussmann, Senior Account Broker, Tier 1 A.F.S, Osman Brokers

  • Our tool scores every registered business customer and we can provide this data to the insurer on request

  • “We are building a cyber risk solution offering to target the SMB and Mid-market, and advertising directly to them using Cyber Risk Assurance makes a lot of sense”

     Mark Mantakoul, General Manager Allcom Networks.

Cyber Risk Assurance
simplified cyber risk advice and assessment

Partnering with one of the leading Venture Capital firms in the region, we are a leading‘InsurTech’ provider and manager of innovative cyber risk assurance solutions.

Our objective is to simplify cyber risk assessments and cyber education for our clients' businesses using innovative technologies and processes which can help them  improve their cyber risk resilience.


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